United College of Theology & Missions


The heart of God is to save the world. But the issue is: ‘How this can be done?’ It requires a four-dimensional aspect— spiritual commitment, physical sacrifice, cross cultural effort, and a relevance of generational context. It means a discipline of total personality in a clear conscience. The UCTM is committed to prepare dedicated men and women to loyally fulfill the mandate of God by providing relevant training.

Our vision is to reach and disciple the unreached nations in the larger 10/40 window of our globe. Recognizing the importance of denominations, the aim of the UCTM is to integrate the body of Jesus Christ and promote a community of the whole Church. It currently draws trainees from India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

Our core values include Christ-centered, Bible-based, Church-oriented, Mission-directed, and Context-relevant focuses. As primary objective, it is designed to develop character excellence, knowledge and skill, and practical effectiveness under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

An efficient and harmonious team of theologically qualified, missiologically well trained, cross-culturally exposed, and spiritually selfless is in command under God. Recognizing a timely need of fast changing world that requires in-depth and specialized leadership, the UCTM is in incorporation of a PhD program on relevant areas of concentration, to make the unchanging Word acceptable and applicable in a changing world as our motto.

We warmly welcome Spirit-led leaders to join this venture to advance the Kingdom of God.

Serving together with you,

Rev. Phuveyi Dozo, DMin, DD, PhD