United College of Theology & Missions

Academic Policies



  • Students falling below 80% of class attendance shall not be allowed to write exam as per the Senate
  • Students unable to attend the classes must secure written excuse from the Academic


            UCTM considers regular class work/assignments and final examination as        of paramount importance in evaluating student’s academic performances.

Semester Exams

  • There will be every semester exams for all the classes. The time of exam will be in accordance with UCTM calendar of
  • Admit card will be issued on the basis of clearance of fees, especially in the academic year ending. No students will be allowed to enter exam hall without admit
  • In each subject, the semester exam is of three hours duration, all the examinations are administered through the Academic Dean (except class test) including retake exams.
  • Any form of unfair means or copying in any test or exams shall be viewed seriously.
  • Students who fall below the maximum grade of 40% during the first year will be asked to either discontinue or register afresh and repeat the first

Retake Exams

  • When the student is graded below 40% in any subject, the Academic Dean will permit the student for retake
  • Retake exams fee will be 300/- for each subject. The fee should be paid to the accountant one week ahead of the exams.
  • Two chances will be given to write retake exams for those students who could not make
  • The retake exams cannot be graded higher than C+ or 50-54%.
  • The retake exams will be conducted as per year calendar of events and not any time as per student’s

Grading System

Examinations and assignments will be graded in three categories:

            First Class- range      : 70% and above: within this there are degrees of  achievement.

            Distinction                  : 80% and above. Represented with a letter grade A+

            Excellent                     : 75 -79%. Represented with a letter grade A

            Superior                       : 70-74%. Represented with a letter grade A-

            Second Class- range  : 55- 69%:

            Good                           : 65-69% Represented with a letter grade B+            

            Satisfactory                 : 60-64% Represented with a letter grade B Barely  

            Satisfactory                 : 55-59% Represented with a letter grade B-

            Third Class- range   : 44-54%

                        Average 50-54% Represented with a letter grade C+

                        Poor 45-49% Represented with a letter grade

                        Very poor 40-44% Represented with a letter grade C-

            Fail – range                : 0-39%

            Inadequate                  : Below 40% is fail. Represented with a letter grade F


Overall Assessment

UCTM conducts examinations for 60% and for internal assessment 40% which includes unit test, book reviews, seminar papers, interviews and other learning activities.

Graduation Requirements

  • Students must satisfactorily complete all the college requirements including thesis. Thesis should be submitted to Academic Dean Office two weeks before graduation.
  • Students must clear up all the dues before the graduation. Failure of which, graduation will be
  • Bachelor level must earn at least 144 credits. Master level for B.Th/B.Miss graduates must earn 98 credits and others 128 credits respectively from all core subjects plus elective subjects to get
  • Students who have undergone two months supervised practical field work endorsed by the outreach
  • He/she must demonstrate zeal for lost soul by winning at least two persons during their study period. If not, the student writes a statement confirming his/her sincerity in the ministry.
  • Students must demonstrate mature moral and spiritual discipline during their training period.



Master students who maintained B+ Grade will write thesis. They will be required to submit two topics of their interest which will to be reviewed and evaluated by the Academic Council for approval. Students who are not eligible to write will be required to take three elective courses to the value of 8 credit hrs.