MTh Courses

MRM 701.3. Biblical Theology of Mission

This course is the study of mission history as revealed in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The course will help the student to lean how the Bible unfolds God’s progressive plan for the redemption of the whole world and thereby obtain an overall understanding of church’s participation in the mission of God. Students will be given the opportunity to examine the entire Bible tracing what God actually says and does about mission in a search for a truly biblical theology of mission that is grounded in the revelation of God, and that is understandable for contemporary context. The course provides the students with various perspectives and teachings of God’s mission in the Bible to enable the students to stand firm for the revealed truth, and commit themselves to fulfil the mission of the triune God.


MGC 702.3. Gospel and Culture

This course will explore the interaction between the gospel, church and culture, and what this means for transmission of the gospel in both Indian and global context today. A particular focus will be given on contemporary culture and its relationship to Christian faith that will give guidance, support, and depth to Christian ministry. The course will also help the students familiarize with sources of cultural understanding including film, music, and television, and examines and evaluates innovative approaches to ministry that seek to respond effectively to contemporary culture.


MLC 707.3. Leadership Challenges in Church and Mission

This course is designed to build up leadership qualities and competency of the students and to give them a familiarity with the various elements of the administrative process, goal setting and achieving, organization, delegation, human relations, group dynamics, supervision, and training of other leaders. Classes will involve readings, discussions, problem solving, and scenario assignments.


MCM 704.3. Contemporary Trends and Issues in Missions

This course is prepared to introduce the current trends and issues in missions. We will look into different areas like political, economic, social, and spiritual changes in the world that will have profound effect on the church and on world missions. Students will be able to analyze the difficulties, dangers and problems the mission is facing today and will also see that the next  twenty-five years unprecedented change in the world mission of the christian church. We will also follow closely A. McGavran, Crucial Issues in Mission Tomorrow, and Lalrinawma, Missiological Issues Facing the Contemporary Church in India, David Bosch, Transforming Mission: A Paradigm Shift in Theology of Mission, and Andrew Walls articles as well. These selected scholars have contributed vast array of bibliography for each section and that is a major contribution to missiological study.


MCC 707.3. Cross Cultural Communication

The course is designed as cross-cultural communication to equip the learners to indigenously, natively, and effectively communicate the message to different cultures in their languages, and reach different human ages, professions, social status and generation levels in their relevance.


MHC 705.3. History of Mission: India

This course deals with the entire development of Christian Mission in Indian context. It will discuss few related historical phenomena of the Christian Mission in India with special emphasis to Serampore Mission, draw out theological and missiological concerns, motifs, implications for discussion and conclude with a discussion on the practice of evangelism.


MCG 709.3. An Analysis of Church Growth and Planting

The course is designed to investigate the health condition of a church with a view to healing or recovering from declination, to strengthen a healthy church for enhancing—qualitatively increase and multiply—and planting biblical, evangelical churches in cross-cultural mission. Strategies are recommended to advance the movement of church growth and planting. It includes salient features of scientific aspect of understanding of church growth.


MNT 711.3. Missiological Issues in Acts and Pauline Epistles

This course introduces the trainees to missiological issues in the Book of Acts of the Apostles and all the letters of Paul and provides them an understanding of how the early churches encountered various missiological issues and fulfilled the great commission of Jesus Christ.

The issues that are portrayed in the New Testament are lessons that can be learnt from the early church. They are relevant today because these issues are present in contemporary churches and issues must be rightly tackled based on the Word of God. The biblical solutions to these issues are not just situational answers for the early church, but are principles pf truth that governs all.


Non Major Courses:


MRM 710.3. Research Methodology

This course is designed to help students understand the basic study methods for improving their skills in reading, writing processes, and also to assist the students learn how to make secondary research and report the findings. Attention will be given to techniques of data collection, reading, analyzing, documenting and fine-tuning the academic writing. This course also enables the student to acquaint with the library resources and to be familiar with the style and format of academic writing and reporting.


MAT 712.3. Asian Christian Theology and Hermeneutics

The course seeks to emphasize on the Indian and Asian Christian theology and its religious, economic, and cultural context with an objective to understand the issues facing in India and Asia and ultimately develop a contextual theology.


MOT 706.3. Old Testament Theology

This course is designed to study and understand the formation and development of the Old Testament theology from the historical perspective. It surveys the history, methodology, and issues related to the Old Testament Theology.