United College of Theology & Missions

Campus Life

Worship and Service

Spiritual life and development is an important feature of the college. A variety of activities are planned to encourage spiritual growth. Chapel programs seek to nurture the spiritual life of students in the context of academic environment.

The community is exposed to different experience Christian leaders and pastors.  In addition, prayer meetings, chain of prayer, prayer and fasting and family group fellowships help students develop in their Christian walk. The chaplain of the college oversees the spiritual activities of the community assisted by the worship committee.

Family Groups

The community is divided into family groups for a year. The purpose of groups is for social interaction, spiritual encouragement and prayer.

Games and Sports

UCTM provides the community with both indoor and outdoor games. Every Thursday 3-4pm is set aside for Games and Sports. The college observes Annual Games and Sports where the whole community participates. The college also organizes friendly matches with outsiders.

Hostel Life

UCTM is an egalitarian community with committed men and women of God from geographically and culturally diverse backgrounds. We have three dorms for men and three for women, living, sharing and learning together in a cross-cultural environment. All interactions and relationships enrich the community. They have combined vesper service every evening except Thursday for men and women separate fellowship in their respective dorms. Hostel day is observed once in a year which men and women get the opportunity to visit each other’s’ dorms. On this day, students are encouraged for habitual cleanliness, orderliness and creativity both in community and personal levels

Campus Up-keeping

The students play a very important part in keeping UCTM campus clean and beautiful. The campus up-keeping in-charge organizes social work at least two hours in a week as the need arises. The students are required to have their own working implements.

Communication mode

UCTM, being aware with the current trend across the globe, uses various software applications to keep in touch with the virtual world. We use social media platforms, such as—WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can find us and keep in touch!