Master of Theology in Mission Guidelines

A students who holds a bachelor’s degree (BA/BTh) and Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree from an approved college/university/seminary may apply for the degree of Master of Theology (MTh) in Mission program.

More specifically,

  1. The candidate should have twelve (12) years of schooling, and have any university degree (BA) or a BTh degree (ATA/SSC).
  2. The candidate should have passed MDiv degree securing an overall grade with B grade or above.
  3. The candidate should have completed at least four subjects related to missiology and Church history in their master degree programs.
  4. The candidate should have earned Greek (3) and Hebrew (3) credits in their earlier degree (MDiv).
  5. Candidates with ministry experience, after their MDiv degree, in a church or mission agencies will be given preference.
  6. The candidate should write an entrance exam and appear for an oral interview.

The purpose of this program is to provide specialized training in biblical, theological, contextual and cross-cultural theory and practice of Church in Mission with a vision to develop transformational and missiological scholar-leaders. This program is to prepare cross-cultural missionaries/trainers and also to empower ministers among the unreached people.

UCTM envisions Christ-like servant leaders, missiological thinkers, teachers, and writers, proficient missiological researchers, possessing intercultural competencies, and ministerial skills to serve the church fulfilling the Great Commission for the glory of God.

Students must earn 36 credits for the degree (27 credits of the course work and 9 credits of thesis). It is designed as a two-year program in which students will take 9 credits per semester and cannot exceed six semester (three years). Greek and Hebrew are a prerequisite and do not count toward the degree. Therefore, for a higher credit load per semester, students must make a formal petition for the approval by the Academic Dean.

Total number of credits for the degree: 36 credits

  1. Pre-requisites : Greek (3 credits) & Hebrew (3 credits)
  2. Course Work : 27 credits

            Major                           : 18 credits

            Non-major                   : 6 credits

  1. Research Methodology : 3 credits
  2. Thesis : 9 credits
  3. Comprehensive Examination
  4. Oral Examination

MTh (Mission) Thesis Registration and Guidelines for Proposal

  1. Thesis Registration & Fee

A student is required to register at the beginning of the first semester. No student will be allowed oral defense without their registration. Student need to follow the guidelines and due dates in order to finish it on time. The dues for their thesis will be informed at the beginning of each semester by the academic coordinator. All thesis- writing candidates are subject to pay a one-time fee of ₹8000 only.

  1. Guidelines for Proposals and Due Dates

Thesis work is required of all MTh candidates. The thesis is to be submitted to the Academic Dean after the completion of all course requirements. For those who have to return home at earlier time, the research work may be submitted eight weeks prior to graduation, provided the student has completed the required course work. However, such option will be granted only to those who are able to access adequate research resources and supervision from the supervisor. Topics to be researched must be presented to the Head of Department for approval, after which an advisor/supervisor will be appointed for the thesis supervision.

UCTM academic council will assign a supervisor to assist each candidate in thesis writing after the approval of the thesis proposal. Then the candidate will be allowed to officially undertake the thesis work. In order to complete thesis work, the candidate must submit three forms of thesis draft for the evaluation and approval by the supervisor, and then take Comprehensive Exam (CE) in addition to final Oral Defense according to the following schedule:

  1. Proposal Research Paper : 2nd  to 10th week of 2nd Semester
  2. 1st Draft             : 14th week of 3rd semester
  3. 2nd Draft             : 4th week of 4th Semester
  4. 3rd Draft             : 12th week of 4th semester
  5. Final Draft             : 14th week of 4th semester
  6. Comprehensive Exam (CE) : 3rd or 4th Semester after having completed minimum of 15 major course credits.

After the final approval by the supervisor as the First advisor, and proof reading by the second Advisor, the candidate is entitled to take Oral Exam the 15th week of his/her final semester. The candidate can then officially pass all requirements after the approval by both the Academic Council and UCTM Board of Trustees.

The official proposal paper should contain a brief description of the topic, the thesis statement, the significance and relevance of the project, along with a pertinent literature review, research plan, and major bibliography.

This proposal should run about 5-6 pages. Longer is acceptable, but should not contain unnecessary arguments. Shorter means the candidate may need to do more initial research or elaborate his/her plans. Candidates should consult Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Thesis, and Dissertation: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers (Chicago: University of Chicago, 2013), which would be made available in the UCTM library for the academic formatting of the proposal.

Completion and approval of the preliminary research proposal is a pre-requiste for a candidate who register for the 4th semester. The proposal should contain the following sections:

  1. Abstract
  2. Problem/Issue
  3. Research questions
  4. Significance and relevance
  5. Existing explanation and literature review
  6. Argument
  7. Method
  8. Bibliography

The formatting requirement are as follows:

  1. A4 size paper, 2.54 cm margins, 12 points, Times New Roman font, Double-spaced. Numbered pages
  2. Project title, student name, and date
  3. Abstract within 4-5 sentences.

Oral Defense Procedure

A candidate who needs to take the Oral Defense should follow the due dates and deadlines. Those who fail to meet the due dates may be withheld for the Oral Defense. His/her oral defense will be postponed to the nest semester. Hence, any candidate should be updated from the academic coordinator beginning of each semester.


First Semester

Second Semester

Summer & Winter

No. of courses/credits

No. of courses/credits



Major                    2             6

Non-Major            1             3

Biblical language: No credit

Decision for Thesis Topic

Major                   2             6

Non-Major           1             3

Biblical language: No credit

Thesis Proposal

Thesis research

 & writing


Major                   2             6

Non-Major           1             3

Biblical language: No credit

1st Thesis Draft (14th week)

2nd Thesis Draft (4th week)

3rd  Thesis Draft (12th week)

Oral Defense (15th week)

Final Copy (18th week)

Comprehensive Exam