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Julian Cangmah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (AN ALUMNA MINISTRY UPDATE)

SHALOM to everyone!

With immense gratitude, I extend the love of God and blessings to all readers. Throughout  my years after graduating, I‘ve been working in a community-based setting. Since 2015, I’ve been teaching at a learning centre for refugees and underprivileged children in Malaysia. This school provides a hostel and all-round education for 70-100 refugee children from different countries.

In 2016, I was offered to be the head of school of the learning centre. Despite feeling uncertain at that time, I jumped for the opportunity because I knew I wanted to serve. I knew in my heart that it was God’s calling for me.

At Shalom Education Centre, we offer education from nursery to grade 6 level. Our education is English based as we aim to prepare children to live in English speaking countries like the USA or Australia in the near future.

As the head of school, I have been exposed to many ideas and opportunities to interact with people from various backgrounds and experiences. It has been opening my mind and expanding my horizon to this day.

Sometimes I worry for my children as our school is supported by charity. But, I am always reminded that God will make a way when there seems to be no way out. With that, I will carry on giving my best for my children.

I thank UCTM for the constant prayers and support. This is my sixth year serving in Malaysia. I know that I am not alone- in this journey as your prayers embrace me with comfort and fuels me with courage.

Julian Cangmah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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