United College of Theology & Missions

Graduates Of 2020 (Master Of Divinity)

Joyce Kath

I am thankful to UTCM for accepting me. The humble attitude of the learned teachers helped me to believe once again the importance of true Christian living, not designed by titles but living it out. I will go for further studies.




Yawing Y. Konyak

I give all the glory and honor to our living God for His faithfulness throughout my theological journey in UCTM. Two years of staying in UCTM has broadened my mind and made me more confident to be in the mission field. I will be involving in teaching ministry.





Rikhi Deikala Panmei

It is a joy and a blessing to be a part of UCTM. I can’t thank UCTM enough for all that I have learned during my two years stay here. May God continue to use UCTM to train more committed servants of His for His glory. I will go for further studies.





Lingroi Tikhak

My three years theological journey in UCTM was amazing and remarkable. It helped me in all aspects of my life. I am very grateful to UCTM. I will involve in Church ministry.




Chipi Chishi

I thank our Almighty God for being so faithful to me throughout my 2 years theological journey in UCTM. UCTM has shaped me and molded me in every area of my life and broadened my mind to do God’s Mission. I am very delighted to be a part of UCTM. I will be involving in ministry.





Senusalu Lohe

I would like to thank God for His grace and faithfulness in allowing me to finish my course. Joining UCTM was not the final option for me but I believe it was God who brought me here. Through the platform and many opportunities I got, I have gained much confidence, new insights and knowledge. Without the help of my tutors this would have not made me who I am today. I am grateful to all my teachers. God bless UCTM. I will be involving in children ministry.




Tara Thapa

I thank God for guiding my life throughout the three years journey in UCTM. I also thank lecturers for molding and shaping me to be a better person in all aspects of my life. I will be involving in church ministry, Assam





Ch. Kawilungdoubou

My three years of theological journey in UCTM is remarkable. UCTM has built my theological foundation. It has molded and equipped my spiritual and academic life. It has also broadened my vision for missions as well. I will pursue further studies.




Chongshen Chang

All glory and honor to our Almighty God for leading me thus far. Staying in UCTM for two years has molded my life. I will be serving in my local church. 





UCTM has made me realized that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world. It has taught me that many sacrifices, passion and hard work are required to chase a dream. And as I complete, I also realized that it is not a tough journey but the beginning of a beautiful one.





Great is His faithfulness. Four years have passed by like a blowing wind. God’s faithfulness has been more than ever. UCTM is a place where I built my confidence, trained and equipped for an effective ministry. I will involve in teaching ministry.




Chentilo Kath

I cannot thank enough to UCTM family for showing me the ways of life. I have learned so much on this amazing theological journey in UCTM, and in finding who I really am as a person.




Phutao Longpongsu

I am grateful to God for His faithfulness throughout my two years theological journey in UCTM. God has taught me, through the UCTM family, a lot about the importance of staying committed to His ministry. I will go for further studies.




Do Thian Mung

UCTM is a platform for spiritual leadership which has widened my view in a spectacular way. It has given me the opportunity to stand on my own feet and lead the chosen people of God. I thank UCTM community for the way you have shaped and molded me. May God bless UCTM. I will go for further study.





Lembang Wangnow

I thank God for sustaining my life thus far. I also would like to thank all my lecturers for equipping me in every area of my weaknesses. I will be serving as a pastor in Arunachal Pradesh.




Shwe Ling Mana

UCTM is a place where I have learned many new things about God’s Mission as well as cross-cultural experience. I am grateful and thankful to UCTM. I will be doing ministry in Myanmar


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